Monday, June 21, 2021

How To Deploy Einstein Bots In Salesforce

Lets follow the below steps to deploy the Einstein bot using the change sets.

1. Goto Setup and search Outbound Changes Set

2. Open Outbound change set and click on New

3.Give the change set name and click save.

4.Goto Change Set Components and Click on Add button

5.From the component drop down select "Bot" as a type.

6.Select the bot name you want to deploy and click add to change set.

7.Clcik on the Add dependencies button and select the version of the bot you want to deploy.

8.Agian from the Component Type select "Einstein Intent Set" component

9. Select the all the intent sets related to you bot and click add to change set

10.Click on Deploy button Upload button to upload the change set.

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