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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Continuation Integration In Salesforce


When multiple agents are using same visual force page (User Interface) and we are making an external call out to fetch the data from the back end systems,if the external service is taking more time (more than 5 sec) to respond ,all such transactions will be treated as a long running transactions in salesforce .At at any given point of time salesforce allows only 5 long running processes in system and it automatically terminates the other requests and it will not allow the agents to perform any other actions.

New Approach: 

Our salesforce system is more dependent on other services to provide the necessary data to the agent usually we will end up with same issue many times.So,we have decided to change the existing integration model and for all new integrations we have started using continuation frame work.In this frame work all the external call outs which are taking longer time ,all these long running requests will be converted into asynchronous callout and this will not be counted under the salesforce limits and also it will not stop the agents doing other works.

Usually agent can request for data on click of any button or action in visual force and this will make an external call out (step 1) and the app server will handover the request to continuation server before it returning to the visual force page  (steps 2–3) .The Continuation server sends the request to the Web service and receives the response (steps 4–7), then hands the response back to the app server (step 8). Finally, the response is returned to the Visual force page (step 9).

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

What is Salesforce API Portal?

This is the new feature of Salesforce which will help us to find all api details to connect with any of their platforms/entire ecosystem through apis.

We can also say it's one place store to check out all salesforce api details.

This will also shows what is the sample request and response details for each and every api.

It will also helps the developers to learn with an interactive document.

This helps the developer to connect with entire eco system.

This is built on Mulesoft API Community Manager.

Sample API/Clouds:

  • B2C Commerce Developer Sandbox API's
  • Einstein Prediction Service Scoring API
  • Einstein Vision and Einstein Language
  • Marketing Cloud REST API

For more details please check Salesforce Official Documentation.

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