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Saturday, December 28, 2019

What is Salesforce API Portal?

This is the new feature of Salesforce which will help us to find all api details to connect with any of their platforms/entire ecosystem through apis.

We can also say it's one place store to check out all salesforce api details.

This will also shows what is the sample request and response details for each and every api.

It will also helps the developers to learn with an interactive document.

This helps the developer to connect with entire eco system.

This is built on Mulesoft API Community Manager.

Sample API/Clouds:

  • B2C Commerce Developer Sandbox API's
  • Einstein Prediction Service Scoring API
  • Einstein Vision and Einstein Language
  • Marketing Cloud REST API

For more details please check Salesforce Official Documentation.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Salesforce1 Technical Support Is Not Available From Winter 17 on Selected IOS and Android Devices

As per the Salesforce Product notifications following Winter 17 Salesforce will not provide any kind of technical support or bugs raised on below listed devices running on Salesforce1 downloadable app or supported mobile browsers on which Salesforce1 can run.

List of the Devices 

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad 4
  • All Android phones except for Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and S7; Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Google Nexus 5X and Google Nexus 6P
  • All Android tablets except for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Samsung Tab A 9.7

As per Salesforce notification it's planned from October 2016 it may or may not be changed based on Salesforce Release update.

For more information please visit below links

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Salesforce Certification Expiration Warning

As per the Salesforce notification July 8, 2016 is the last day to finish Salesforce Certified Developer - Winter '16 Release Exam . To prevent your credential(s) from expiring, you must successfully complete Winter '16 Release Exam release exams by July 8, 2016.

For Latest winter 16 dumps visit my previous post

So please don't forget to finish all your maintenance exams before it's got expired

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Spring 16 Salesforce Developer 401 Maintenance Exam Questions

1.Which standard field can be updated using formula rules in process builder?
  • Created Date 
  • Owner ID
  • Deleted
  • ID

2.What must be true when accessing a user's private reports and dashboards?Choose 2 answers
  • Having the "Manage All Private Reports and Dashboards" permission.
  • Using the "allPrivate" with the "scope" condition in a SOQL query.
  • Using the "allPrivate" with the "where" condition in a SOQL query.
  • Having the "Administrator Access to Private Files" permission.

3.What is true about Data Loader?Choose 3 answers
  • It can be used with SAML Authentication.
  • It can be used with both Mac and PC.
  • It can be used with OAuth Authentication
  • It can be used with Password Authentication.
  • It can be used with only a PC.

4.Which Quick Actions can contain a "Custom Success Message?"Choose 2 answers
  • Visit a website
  • Update a Record
  • Log a Call
  • Send an Email

5.What is true about the file sharing "Set by Record?"
  • It is used to infer sharing via the record type.
  • It is used to infer sharing via the parent record
  • It is used to infer sharing via the record owner
  • It is used to infer sharing via the associated record.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Winter 16 Salesforce Developer Maintenance Exam Questions

1. In a Salesforce organization using state and country picklists, what feature allows a Lightning Experience user to choose the correct address when entering information in a standard address field?
  • Auto-completion for standard address fields.
2. What is an enhancement to Process Builder? Choose 2 answers
  • Administrators receive a fault email when a process fails due to user inactivity 
  • More than one schedule can be enabled for a single action 

3. What is an enhancement to Salesforce Files? Choose 2 answers
  • A file owner can freeze a file to prevent additional shares of the file.
  • An administrator can control whether users can upload files from Salesforce.

4. What is an enhancement to working with records in Chatter Groups? Choose 2 answers
  • When a group is @mentioned on a record, that record becomes a Group Record.
  • Group Records are displayed in the groups related lists.

5. By default, which users have access to Lightning Experience once it has been enabled?
  • All users with Standard Salesforce profiles

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Stronger Security is Required Issue when logging into Sandbox


Stronger Security is Required Issue when logging into Sandbox

When you try to login into sandbox from June 25 ,2016 on wards and if you end of  with an error called Stronger security is required, don't worry please read the below instructions to resolve it

Root Causes

This is due to the below reasons

  • As per the salesforce notifications they will stop supporting TLS 1.0 and automatically all sandboxes will be upgraded to TLS 1.1 from June 25,2016 .
  • All the production orgs will be upgraded to TLS 1.1 from March 4,2017.
  • So when your trying to login into sandbox from the browsers that will not support this TLS 1.1 will end up with this error and you will not be able to proceed further


We need to make sure that the browser that your using will support TLS 1.1 and higher, if not you need to update the browser version or manually we need to enable TLS 1.1  to support it.

Action Required for Browser Compatibility
  • Google Chrome - Chrome 38 and Higher will support TLS 1.1 by default
  • Mozilla Firefox - FireFox 27 and Higher will support TLS 1.1 by default
  • IE  - Desktop and mobile IE version 11 will support TLS 1.1 by default
For more information refer salesforce notes at below links
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Method only allowed during testing" Error in Test Classes


Lets take an example where you have a test class which contains Test.startTest() and Test.stopTest() methods and you have more than one test method in test class.When you run this test class in any way it touches any class that implements the Queueable interface your test classes methods more than one will fails


Split all your test class methods into individual test class in salesforce. For more information please refer salesforce known issues page 

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Global Picklist Feild in Salesforce

This feature we are going to discuss here is a Pilot/BETA version which is available only in some of the Editions as well as many features may not be available until Salesforce announces this feature through documentation or Press Releases or Public Statements.

As we already know that Salesforce has introduced a new feature called Global Picklist (BETA version) . These Global Picklist concept is similar to Global Actions concepts where create once and use many times across all objects.

Similarly these Global Picklist is nothing but a creating a Picklist field globally and use that picklist field values across the all other objects in salesforce whenever your creating a any picklist field.

How To Create and How to Use It

1. Goto Setup---->Create---> Click on PickLists

2. Click on New to create a Global PickList

3. Give the Label Name and Description and Click on Save

4. Click on New to add picklist values

5.Enter all picklist values each one in new line

6.After Saving the field looks like below

7.Goto any object and try to create a new Picklist field

8.After clicking on new Select field type as Picklist

9.Here you will get an option to select Global Picklist values as a picklist values for this field.Select the global picklist field that you want to select.The strictly enforce picklist values option is automatically selected.

10. Custom picklist Field detail page looks like below.


        These Global Picklist values will not allow you to enter non picklist field values from the APIs(like Developer Console,Data loader etc..).Example if you define in Global picklist values as New,Open and Close .Whenever your creating a record using APIs if you pass value as In Progress it will not allow because In Progress not available in that picklist field values.

Limitations to Pilot Version

1.For this pilot, the list of inherited values doesn’t appear on the detail page for a picklist that’s based on a global picklist.
2.You can create upto 500 Global picklist fields for organisation


Thursday, January 28, 2016

How to Enable Search Layout Section For Newly Created Objects in Salesforce

As we already know that once you have created any new custom object ,in the custom object detail page you will be seeing an section called Search Layout.But from Winter 16 releases for newly created objects you might not be able see the Search layouts section. because from winter 16 for newly created objects Search Layout Section will not be enabled automatically.Why is it?

Allow Search Feature 

1. Salesforce has introduced a new feature in winter 16 called "Allow Search "to disable or enable Search layout for a particular custom object

2.By using this feature you can improve the performance of global search/Side search by excluding unnecessary custom objects from search results

3.At the time of custom object creation you need to choose whether you want to enable or not.

4.If you want enable or disable follow below steps

  • Goto Setup--->Objects--->Custom Objects
  • Open the custom object for which you want to enable
  • Goto Search Status and select allow search to enable or deselect to disable
  • Go and observe the  Search Layouts section in object detail page 


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Changes to Developer Sandbox Licenses from Spring 16 Release

As we already know that number of the developer sandbox available in salesforce is depends on the Edition that you purchased.Before Spring 16 we have very less number of developer sandbox available for development.

As per the Spring 16 Release notes salesforce is going to increase the number of developer sandbox available in Enterprise,Unlimited and Performance Edition.You can now create more Developer sandboxes to develop, test, and deploy your custom apps. With more developer environments, you can reduce the time it takes to convert your ideas into apps.

Below table lists the changes to number of developer sandboxes available from spring'16.

                                                Developer Sandbox Licenses by Edition

Previous Number of Licenses
Licenses in Spring ’16
Enterprise Edition
Unlimited Edition
Performance Edition

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Settings and Uploading Custom metadata Records with Custom Metadata Loader in Salesforce

In my previous posts I have explained what is Custom MetaData Loader .Now I'm going to explain how to set up this tool/application in salesforce.

1. Download the Complete application Zip file from the git hub Source.

2. Deploy the Downloaded Zip file into your org using below tools
3. Once you have deployed the zip file successfully it will creates below components
  • 10 Apex Classes
  • 2  Apex Page
  • 1  Custom Application
  • 1  Custom meta data type
  • 1  Custom tab
  • 1  Permission Set
    For complete package.xml file you can refer here

4. Goto Setup-->Permission Sets-->Click on Custom Metadata loader-->Manage Assignments

5. Click on Add Assignments -->Add the users to whom you want to give access for this App.

6. Goto Application menu Select Custom Metadata Loader application.

7. Clicking on Custom Metadata Loader you will be receiving below error.

8.To resolve that error we need to create a one Remote Site Setting. On clicking on the below Create Remote Site Setting button it will automatically creates a remote site setting directly.

9. Even after clicking the button your not able to create or if your getting error like Cannot create a new component with the namespace: srinu_dev_ed. Only components in the same namespace as the organization can be created through the API it means in your org you have enabled/created some custom domain.

10.To fix this issue 

  • In Classic : copy the complete page url where your receiving this error and goto Remote Site setting and give below details and save it.          

  • In Lightning : you cannot simply copy and paste the URL to the error page on the Custom Metadata Loader tab, you will need the VisualForce URL instead. Use where _____ is your custom domain, for example  
        Remote Site Name : c_mdapi
        Remote Site URL         : Copied page URL
        Active                       : Checked

11. Now everything is finished on clicking on the Custom metadata loader you will receive the below screen.So you can start uploading the .csv file to insert the records.

The .csv file header names must be the Api names of the Custom meta data type for auto mapping the fields.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

How to set Createddate Field value for Test Record in Salesforce Test class

(Note: The feature we are discussing here is as per the Salesforce Spring 16 preview release notes,So this feature is available from Spring 16 release of Salesforce, but features may or may not be available after the Spring 16 go to live )

Before Spring 16 if you are inserting let assume 20 test records in salesforce test class for all those 20 test records the created date is same .If you are working any scenario like to fetch only latest records 20 you will be getting all that 20 records with same created date because all records are inserted with same date so you can't guaranty that in which order they are coming even if you are using order by created date.

From Spring 16 release releasing this great feature to set the created date by the developer for the test records in salesforce test classes (It may or may not be released in Spring as per the note above).

The new Test class method called Test.setCreatedDate(RecordId,DateTime) which allows to set the created date for the test records in salesforce test class.

How to use:
1 . Create a test record in test class.
2.  Pass that record Id along with date time that you want set to Test.setCreatedDate(Id,DateTime).

 private class SetCreatedDateTest {  
   static testMethod void testSetCreatedDate() {  
     Account a = new Account(name='Test Account');  
     insert a;  
     Test.setCreatedDate(a.Id, DateTime.newInstance(2012,12,12));  
     Account myAccount = [SELECT Id, Name, CreatedDate FROM Account   
                WHERE Name ='Test Account' limit 1];  
     System.assertEquals(myAccount.CreatedDate, DateTime.newInstance(2012,12,12));  

Key points:
1.All database changes are rolled back at the end of a test. You can’t use this method on records that existed before your test executed.
2.You also can’t use setCreatedDate in methods annotated with @isTest(SeeAllData=true), because those methods have access to all data in your org.
3.This method takes two parameters—an sObject ID and a Datetime value—neither of which can be null.
4. You can see the doc related to this setCreatedDate at Reference Doc for SetCreatedDate.

I think now everyone is eagerly waiting for this new feature.Enjoy....!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Salesforce Spring '16 Sandbox Preview Instructions

Important Notification from Salesforce 
The Salesforce Spring ‘16 release is quickly approaching and soon you'll be able to take advantage of exciting new features and functionality! If you are a Sandbox customer, you have the opportunity to get early access to Spring ‘16 in your Sandbox and test new customizations and features before your production organization is upgraded.
The Sandbox Preview window for Spring ‘16 is scheduled to begin January 8, 2016. If you would like your Sandbox organization to take part in the Spring ‘16 Preview, your Sandbox must be active on a preview instance by January 8, 2016 to take part in an overall instance upgrade.
For more Information Click here