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Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to get code coverage report class by class in Salesforce

Some times we will come across situation where we need to increase code coverage of 1% or 2% to get the 75% .To improve code coverage first we need to know the coverage report class by class but unfortunately in salesforce we don't have any option to get the report in single shot.To do this we have to navigate through the each and every class and we have to note down the coverage which is very headache thing and as well as time consuming process.

No worries,for every problem their would be a solution but only thing is that we need to explore for that one.To get the code coverage report class by class we can use ASIDE.IO. I would say Great thanks for the ASIDE.IO team because this is the number one tool to get the code coverage report class by class in salesforce with simple click only.Now I will explain how to use feature .

1. Login to ASIDE.IO as shown as below image by selecting type of the login

2.Once your login it will show your name Please verify whether you logged into correct instance or not and Click on < symbol to get more options

3.On click on < Symbol you will be getting more option as shown in below image.

4.Click on Test button to get more Unit Testing related options on left side as shown in below image

5.Click on Coverage Report button to get Click Here to Generate the Report option on Right Side

6. Click on the Generate the report button to download the coverage report in the form of .csv


7. Sample downloaded report looks likes as below image

8.Downloaded report contains below components we need to more concentrate on last 2 colums

  • Class Name,Coverage (%)
  • Total Lines
  • Lines Uncovered
  • Lines Covered
  • Remaining Coverage (%)
  • % Of Organization Total
  • Organization Potential Gain (%)

Hope this helps for everyone...Enjoy!!!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016 for Salesforce is a Salesforce IDE ,up in the cloud ,which is built on top of the different API's like Metadata API and Tooling API .ASIDE is a free and full-featured Salesforce IDE built from the ground up for efficient delivery, design, and testing of Apex and Visualforce code.It's a very good tool to perform the Quick Development of code,Quick deployments,Running Test Classes and Performing the Queries.



  • Fast Saving the apex code without any dialog.
  • Rich User Interface with Auto complete features and highlighting the invisible characters.
  • Modifying the Static Resources directly in salesforce zip file without downloading.

  • Run unit tests in three different ways: all at once, by query, or through individual selection.
  • View the Test classes results clearly with help of Stack Trace Parser.
  • Getting the code coverage report for all classes or set of classes.

  • Retrieving the components without building any package.xml.
  • Drag and Drop feature to Deploy or Retrieve the components from/into the salesforce.
  • Quick generation of the package.xml to share with others.

  • Fetching the data from Standard Objects,Custom Objects,Custom Settings etc.
  • Export the query result as the form of CSV.
  • Easy way of Sharing the Query Results with others.
  • Quick Creation,Modifying or Deletion of the records.

In my next post I will share How to use this for development and deployments etc.

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