Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Winter 16 Salesforce Developer Maintenance Exam Questions

1. In a Salesforce organization using state and country picklists, what feature allows a Lightning Experience user to choose the correct address when entering information in a standard address field?
  • Auto-completion for standard address fields.
2. What is an enhancement to Process Builder? Choose 2 answers
  • Administrators receive a fault email when a process fails due to user inactivity 
  • More than one schedule can be enabled for a single action 

3. What is an enhancement to Salesforce Files? Choose 2 answers
  • A file owner can freeze a file to prevent additional shares of the file.
  • An administrator can control whether users can upload files from Salesforce.

4. What is an enhancement to working with records in Chatter Groups? Choose 2 answers
  • When a group is @mentioned on a record, that record becomes a Group Record.
  • Group Records are displayed in the groups related lists.

5. By default, which users have access to Lightning Experience once it has been enabled?
  • All users with Standard Salesforce profiles

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