Friday, July 15, 2016

Salesforce Interview Questions -Compact Layouts

1. What is Compact Layout?

    The devices like in Mobile (Salesforce1) we will be running out with space constrains . So with the help of Compact Layouts we can  highlight the record key fields at glance .These layouts will help you to arrange necessary fields at record's highlight area.

2. If you haven't created compact layout what will happens in Salesforce1?

    It's not required to create a compact layout in salesforce .If you haven't created system will uses a predefined system generated read only compact layout

3. What fields will be included in default compact layouts?

    It will includes only Name field as part of compact layout

4. How many fields will be shown as part of record highlights section ?

   In Salesforce1 first 4 fields will be included
   In Lightning Experience first 5 fields will be included

5. How many fields you can add to Compact Layouts?

   10 fields

6. What are unsupported field types in compact layouts?
  • Text areas
  • Long text areas
  • Text areas
  • Multi-select pick lists
7. Can we assign different compact layouts to different users?
    No,only one compact layout will be assigned to all users

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