Monday, January 18, 2016

Settings and Uploading Custom metadata Records with Custom Metadata Loader in Salesforce

In my previous posts I have explained what is Custom MetaData Loader .Now I'm going to explain how to set up this tool/application in salesforce. If you're looking for how can we do the bulk deletion of the custom meta records you can refer the my latest post on "Bulk Delete The Custom Meta Data Records"

1. Download the Complete application Zip file from the git hub Source.

2. Deploy the Downloaded Zip file into your org using below tools
3. Once you have deployed the zip file successfully it will creates below components
  • 10 Apex Classes
  • 2  Apex Page
  • 1  Custom Application
  • 1  Custom meta data type
  • 1  Custom tab
  • 1  Permission Set
    For complete package.xml file you can refer here

4. Goto Setup-->Permission Sets-->Click on Custom Metadata loader-->Manage Assignments

5. Click on Add Assignments -->Add the users to whom you want to give access for this App.

6. Goto Application menu Select Custom Metadata Loader application.

7. Clicking on Custom Metadata Loader you will be receiving below error.

8.To resolve that error we need to create a one Remote Site Setting. On clicking on the below Create Remote Site Setting button it will automatically creates a remote site setting directly.

9. Even after clicking the button your not able to create or if your getting error like Cannot create a new component with the namespace: srinu_dev_ed. Only components in the same namespace as the organization can be created through the API it means in your org you have enabled/created some custom domain.

10.To fix this issue 

  • In Classic : copy the complete page url where your receiving this error and goto Remote Site setting and give below details and save it.          

  • In Lightning : you cannot simply copy and paste the URL to the error page on the Custom Metadata Loader tab, you will need the VisualForce URL instead. Use where _____ is your custom domain, for example  
        Remote Site Name : c_mdapi
        Remote Site URL         : Copied page URL
        Active                       : Checked

11. Now everything is finished on clicking on the Custom metadata loader you will receive the below screen.So you can start uploading the .csv file to insert the records.

The .csv file header names must be the Api names of the Custom meta data type for auto mapping the fields.

Enjoy with Custom Metadata Loader....................!

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Hope this helps you..Enjoy..!


  1. Thanks! One remark: while coping the complete page url in step 10, make sure you are in Classic and not Lightning :)

  2. Another thing - with Lightning, you cannot simply copy and paste the URL to the error page on the Custom Metadata Loader tab, you will need the VisualForce URL instead. Use where _____ is your custom domain, for example

  3. Thanks For this,Same has been updated.

  4. Hi Sreenivas,

    I need to Upload Special chracters(Multi langugage) in custom metadata and i am gettin the error .
    Please suggest how to upload special chracters with Custom Metadata Loader CSV File.

  5. Hi Sreenivas,

    Creating a remote site setting didnt work for me. Still getting the same error in my personal dev org.
    Would you know why?


  6. Many thanks for the tip! you saved me a lot of time, I owe you a beer ­čŹ║

  7. I never know what I'm supposed to put when its asking for my domain? On the my domain page... my domain is the production my domain. When trying to deploy to sandbox do i need to add my sandbox name to the mydomain value?

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