Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Aside.io for Salesforce

Aside.io is a Salesforce IDE ,up in the cloud ,which is built on top of the different API's like Metadata API and Tooling API .ASIDE is a free and full-featured Salesforce IDE built from the ground up for efficient delivery, design, and testing of Apex and Visualforce code.It's a very good tool to perform the Quick Development of code,Quick deployments,Running Test Classes and Performing the Queries.



  • Fast Saving the apex code without any dialog.
  • Rich User Interface with Auto complete features and highlighting the invisible characters.
  • Modifying the Static Resources directly in salesforce zip file without downloading.

  • Run unit tests in three different ways: all at once, by query, or through individual selection.
  • View the Test classes results clearly with help of Stack Trace Parser.
  • Getting the code coverage report for all classes or set of classes.

  • Retrieving the components without building any package.xml.
  • Drag and Drop feature to Deploy or Retrieve the components from/into the salesforce.
  • Quick generation of the package.xml to share with others.

  • Fetching the data from Standard Objects,Custom Objects,Custom Settings etc.
  • Export the query result as the form of CSV.
  • Easy way of Sharing the Query Results with others.
  • Quick Creation,Modifying or Deletion of the records.

In my next post I will share How to use this Aside.io for development and deployments etc.

Keep watching the site for more updates enjoy......!

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