Monday, January 4, 2016

How to create a Custom Metadata Types,Fields and Records in Salesforce

In my previous post I have written about Custom Metadata Types .In this post I'm going to explain how to create a Custom Metadata Types,Fields and Records.

Creating Custom Metadata Type:

1.Goto Setup-->Develop-->Custom Metadata Types

2.Please fill all Label and Plural Label and also select the Visibility of Metadata Type

3.Looks likes below image after filing all details for Protected Custom meta datatypes and click save

4.After clicking it will be landed to Custom Meta data types details page which looks likes custom object detail page.Details page contains

  • Metadata type detail (All meta data type api names ends with  __mdt )
  • Standard Fields
  • Custom Fields (to create a user defined fields in Types)
  • Page Layouts       

Creating Fields in Custom Metadata Type:

1.To create Custom fields click on new button on Custom fields section
2.Select field type and click on next
3..Here we need to fill all details and select the field Manageability as shown below

Creating Records in Custom Metadata Type:

1. Click on manage button to create a Record as shown below

2.Fill all field values and if you want to protect this record select protected component check box

Enjoy with Custom meta data types.........!