Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Issue - Quick Text Is Not Showing Under The Selected Folder After It's Created In Salesforce

QuickText : As name suggest it's used to configure the commonly used sentences or streamline the agents responses in chat, email and phone call to speed up the closure of the case etc. These are similar to email templates only but can be used across the multiple channels.

Ideally while creating these Quicktext we will be selecting the folder where this should go and save so that we can provide the access to these QuickText for an user using the folder only.

We have identified one issue where even after the desired folder selected while creating the new Quicktext but these Quicktext not showing under selected folder it's going under all folder/all QuickText .

So ,quick fix for this to update the folder for all these Quicktext can be done either using the Apex code snippet or using the SOQL.

Go to folder where you want to place the QuickText and copy the folder id from the url .

Just run the query on QuickText object to get the all the templates where FolderId is blank or you can just query your QuickText by using the Name.

  List<QuickText> lisQtextToUpdate = new List<QuickText>();
  for (QuickText qt :[SELECT Id,Name,FolderId From QuickText WHERE FolderId= Null])
    qt.FolderId = <Your Folder Id>;

  if (!lisQtextToUpdate.isEmpty())
     update lisQtextToUpdate;

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Monday, October 16, 2023

How To Check The Given Email Field Value Is Present In The List Of Email Ids In Salesforce Workflow, Formula and Flows

The use case here is I want to check whether case email is available given in the list of email ids or not? If it's present in the list it will return true else it will return false.


   FIND(Your Email Filed,'test@gmail.com,man.6233@gmail.com,hello@haptik.co,
sales@kks.com,l.dyj@licindia.com') > 0,TRUE,FALSE



sales@kks.com,l.dyj@licindia.com') > 0,TRUE,FALSE