Friday, January 8, 2016

Custom Metadata Loader in Salesforce

In my previous posts I have explained what is Custom MetaData Types and how to Create Custom Metadata Types in Salesforce. Once everything is set up next task is to create records in those custom metadata types.If it 10 to 15 records we can create manually but there are some situations where you need to load more number of records let take an example loading the country names and their respective country codes.

To do this there is no specific tools like Data loader and Import wizard in salesforce to upload Custom Metadata type records.To achieve this we have an other option called Custom Metadata Loader.

Custom Metadata Loader

  • Custom metadata loader is a tool for creating custom metadata records from a csv file. 
  • This Custom Metadata Loader is a custom application which build on top of the salesforce with the help of Metadata API to support bulk uploads.
  • Create custom metadata types in your Salesforce org using Metadata API and then use custom metadata loader to bulk load the records.
  • It supports up to 200 records upload with a single call.

In my next post I will post How to set up and how to upload the records with this tool in salesforce. 

Keep watching the site for more updates enjoy......!


  1. Hi, Do you know how to uninstall this CustomMetadataLoader tool?

  2. Please suggest if there is a way to uninstall this Package.