Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Error: entity is not org-accessible?

Basically we will be getting this error because of the many reasons among them here I'm listing few scenarios where we will be getting this one.

1. While deployment if your getting this means some features are enabled in source org and same has not been enabled in target org.
    Example: Enabled the Territories in Source Org and not in Target Org
    Solution : Enable Territories in Target Org also

2. While saving any Apex class/Trigger if your getting means you are using some feature which is not enabled currently in your org.

    Example : If your using OpportunityTeamMember object in Opportunity Trigger but in your organisation you haven't enabled the Opportunity Teams you will be receiving same error.
    Solution  : Enable Opportunity Team feature in your org first.

3. Any Spelling mistakes in API Names also causes same.


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