Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How to Change the Default Navigation Menu Items in Salesforce Lightning Experience.

We already started exploring on lightning experience ,which is an latest UI which will helps the Sales reps to access necessary data at glance to close more deals with lightning speed.In this post I will explain how to change the default navigation menu options in lightning experience.

Navigation Menu:

Below Screen shows what is meant by Navigation Menu in lightning experience .It usually contains all objects tabs.To change the tabs or to reorder the tabs in side navigation please follow further steps

1. Goto Setup--->Apps--->Navigation Menu--->Click on New button as shown below.

2.Enter Label Name and Description for Navigation Menu and click on Next button

3.Please Select/Deselect the Required Tabs from Available Items/Navigation Menu Items respectively

4.Please Select the list of Profiles to whom you want to apply these Navigation Menu

5.Click on Save and Finish Button and Reload the complete page and see the changes in Menu

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