Friday, July 15, 2016

Business Scenarios That Are Not Supported in Lightning Experience

Salesforce Lightning Experience:

Each object in world will have it's own Pros and Cons .Based on the situations we have to pick the things which suits best for your functionality .Similarly Lightning Experience has it's own advantages as well as disadvantages compared to Salesforce Classic.At this point of time it's better saying not supported instead of framing it as a disadvantages because Salesforce Team is working very hard to bring all the features that supports in Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning .It will take some time.

In this post I'm gone explain you some of the business scenarios that will support in Salesforce Classic and but not in Salesforce Lightning.
  • If your current business is related to Quotation generation with help of Standard Quotes in Salesforce that will not be supported in Salesforce Lightning .
  • If your Sales process team using any kind of forecasting mechanism to manage your company pipeline that will not supported in Salesforce Lightning.
  • If your sales team using Sales console to manage the multiple leads at a time that feature is also not available in Salesforce Lightning.
Above listed business scenarios are few examples .Please follow the same blog to find many other Pros and Cons related to Salesforce Lightning in upcoming posts.

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