Friday, February 19, 2016

Global Picklist Feild in Salesforce

This feature we are going to discuss here is a Pilot/BETA version which is available only in some of the Editions as well as many features may not be available until Salesforce announces this feature through documentation or Press Releases or Public Statements.

As we already know that Salesforce has introduced a new feature called Global Picklist (BETA version) . These Global Picklist concept is similar to Global Actions concepts where create once and use many times across all objects.

Similarly these Global Picklist is nothing but a creating a Picklist field globally and use that picklist field values across the all other objects in salesforce whenever your creating a any picklist field.

How To Create and How to Use It

1. Goto Setup---->Create---> Click on PickLists

2. Click on New to create a Global PickList

3. Give the Label Name and Description and Click on Save

4. Click on New to add picklist values

5.Enter all picklist values each one in new line

6.After Saving the field looks like below

7.Goto any object and try to create a new Picklist field

8.After clicking on new Select field type as Picklist

9.Here you will get an option to select Global Picklist values as a picklist values for this field.Select the global picklist field that you want to select.The strictly enforce picklist values option is automatically selected.

10. Custom picklist Field detail page looks like below.


        These Global Picklist values will not allow you to enter non picklist field values from the APIs(like Developer Console,Data loader etc..).Example if you define in Global picklist values as New,Open and Close .Whenever your creating a record using APIs if you pass value as In Progress it will not allow because In Progress not available in that picklist field values.

Limitations to Pilot Version

1.For this pilot, the list of inherited values doesn’t appear on the detail page for a picklist that’s based on a global picklist.
2.You can create upto 500 Global picklist fields for organisation


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