Monday, February 15, 2016

Salesforce Interview Questions

1.    Why we go for custom setting instead of normal custom object?

2.    What error will you get in a recurring trigger?

3.    How can you avoid trigger recursion?

4.    What error do we get when a workflow firing another workflow and another and on?

5.    When we need sharing rules?

6.    How many ways can we invoke an apex class?

7.    How many records you can process using data loader?

8.    When do we get system.Timeout exception when inserting records using data loader?

9.    How can you avoid system.Timeout exception when inserting records using data loader error?

10. If any record throws exception while inserting using data loader. What happens to other records?

11. How can you call an custom setting in apex class?

12. How to know which edition your organisation using currently?

13. How to delete the records permanently in salesforce?

14. Can we stop/deactivate the Trigger execution from configuration?

15.  How many APIs are there in Salesforce?

16.    How can you update records using data loader with excel file having records   with one field value=null?

17.    How many types of workflows are there?

18.    Difference between created & every time edited, to meet subsequent criteria?

19.    How many ways you can schedule a batch apex?

20.    Why we go for batch apex?

21.    What methods we have in batch apex?

22.    How to send emails using other than workflows email alert?

23.    How to fire a trigger from a batch class?

24. How many records we can process using batch apex?

25. Can we perform DML operation in a constructor?

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