Friday, June 4, 2021

How To Use Einstein Bot Object Search Results in Einstein Messages

Let assume that you have a Einstein bot and it uses "Object Search" action to fetch the data present in the selected salesforce object with specified search criteria.

Each search record result will have the columns we have selected in the result section and the list of records returned by the search criteria will be stored in a "Search Result Variable" of type Object List.

Search Criteria:

Result Panel:

In my case the results has been stored in a object variable called "ServiceProviderDetails" and now I will show how to use these results in another dialog to show the result values in message.

By default the list index will start from 0(Zero) it means the first record will be stored in 0 index and 2nd record will be stored in 1 index and so on..

If you want to refer the field inside the record use the syntax as {!ServiceProviderDetails[0].filedApiName}.The same has been shown below.

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