Monday, May 10, 2021

How to see the list of Whatsapp Numbers(Customers) who interacted with Einstein Bot


Let's assume that you configured a Einstein bot to handle the some of the end user queries before connecting to the agent. Obviously this bot need to be assigned either with Live agent chat or Messaging channel (Whatsapp/Facebook messenger/text) to answer the queries.

In our case consider that we have assigned this Bot with Messaging channel called Whatsapp and sometimes the bot will answers all the customer queries and ends the chat automatically and in some cases the bot will transfers the chat to agents.

The overall setup is done and it's working as expected.  After the couple of days if you want to know the details of the customers (whatsapp) who interacted with Bot and the conversations has been automatically closed by the Bot.


According to the salesforce documentation every time the customer comes to messaging channel an entry will created( if not exist already) in object called Messaging User with details as shown in below image.

In case if you want to see the whole conversation what is happened between the Bot and Customer that can also fetched from the one more object called the Messaging Session. The Messaging Session will be the child object of the Messaging User. Every time the customer chat with bot a new Messaging Session will be in case if the previous conversation got marked as end.

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