Wednesday, May 26, 2021

How to Add/Upload Bulk Utterances to an Intent Present Inside an Einstein Intent Set

According to salesforce documentation we can add the Utterances to an Intent which is presented in Einstein Intent Set as listed below
  • Salesforce UI
  • Data Loader (version above 47 only)
Salesforce UI: 

Useful when you very less number of utterances/intents inside the set
  1. Go to the an Intent set 
  2. Open an Intent for which you want to add utterances
  3. Add the each sentence you want to add under the Utterances section
Data Loader (version above 47 only):

Useful when you have very large set of utterances or you have bunch of Intents under the Intent set and want to add the utterances for each intent.

All the utterances related to each Intent present inside the Intent set will be stored in an object called Intent Utterance (MLIntentUtterance).So, if you want to add the utterances to an intent present in intent set you can simply insert the data in Intent Utterance (MLIntentUtterance) object.

The object basically contains the below columns which are mandatory to insert the data.
  • MLDOMAINNAME - The intent set api name
  • MLINTENTNAME - The intent api name
  • UTTERANCE - Utterance text/sentence
Sample CSV format:

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