Tuesday, April 26, 2022

How to Stop Email-to-Case: Error(s) encountered while processing Error Emails

 In previous post we have clearly discussed about all the scenarios why all these emails comes .In this post we will be discussing how to stop receiving these emails from salesforce.

Please follow below steps to update the config.

  1. Go to Service Setup
  2. Search Process Automation -->Support Settings
  3. Click on Edit of Support Settings
  4. Find the "Automated Case User".

  • If it's selected as "System" 
  • Check the "Email for Automated Case User Notifications" field value might be our yours
Now if you want the keep the "Automated Case User " as System just keep that same and modify the email field of  "Email for Automated Case User Notifications" field with emailid of whom you want to send all these emails.

Even if you want to change the "Automated Case User " from System to User in this case the "Email for Automated Case User Notifications" will be marked as grayed out and all emails go to the selected user email address automatically.

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