Thursday, June 16, 2016

Business Questionnaires for Salesforce

  • Which edition of salesforce are you using?
  • How many user licenses do you have for your org?
  • What is the architecture of your system?
  • What are the different entities your company is involved with?
  • Do you make use of both sales and service cloud of salesforce for your business process?
  • What kind of product or service do you sell?
  • Who is the target audience for your system?
  • How long has the firm had a dedicated Salesforce practice?
  • How many Salesforce systems has it deployed?
  • Are you more into configuration (Admin) or customization (development)?
  • If you’re having sales cloud, do you have any existing lead management/routing systems?
  • In case if you are into service cloud, then do you have any existing case management system?
  • Do you have any existing account management, territory management, opportunity management in place?
  • How do you manage the campaigns for your company?
  • Are you looking for any CPQ (Configure - Price - Quote) implementation or do you have any existing system to handle the same?
  • Where do you maintain product catalogue?
  • How do you track contracts or service levels?
  • Are there any existing portals for your customers or business partners?
  • Do you have historical data available?
  • Do you have data analytical tool in place?
  • Have you started using Salesforce Lightning features?
  • How do you manage Version Control in salesforce?
  • Is there any integration with any third party systems?
  • What are the data relationships for your records that will be housed in ?
  • Where does the data reside today?
  • Who owns the source data?
  • If some of the data will remain in an external system, how will be updated (does in need to “sync” or integrate with a data warehouse or legacy system)?
  • How do you manage salesforce deployment process?
  • Do you follow waterfall model/agile methodology for the project implementation?
  • Are you using any automation tools for testing?
  • Do you have any existing test management tool to track the defects/bugs raised related to a salesforce application?

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