Monday, September 23, 2013

XML NameSpaces in SalesForce

XML NameSpaces:
An XML namespace is a collection of names identified by a URI reference and used in XML documents to uniquely identify element types and attribute names. Names in XML namespaces may appear as qualified names, which contain a single colon, separating the name into a namespace prefix and a local part. The prefix, which is mapped to a URI reference, selects a namespace. The combination of the universally managed URI namespace and the document's own namespace produces identifiers that are universally unique.
The following XML element has a namespace of and a prefix of myprefix.
<sampleElement xmlns:myprefix="" />
  In the following example, the XML element has two attributes:
  • The first attribute has a key of dimension; the value is 2.
  • The second attribute has a key namespace of http://ns1; the value namespace is http://ns2; the key is foo; the value is bar.
<square dimension="2" ns1:foo="ns2:bar" xmlns:ns1="http://ns1" xmlns:ns2="http://ns2" />

 For more information regarding XML Namespaces Please visit the below link

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