Monday, September 16, 2013

One to One relationship in Salesforce

Well, Salesforce offers  one to many relationship  and recently Many to Many relationship has 
also been possible using the concept of a Junction object...

But, is there a One to One relationship in Salesforce. Well, it is not available out of the Box.
But is definitely achievable using simple workflow rules...


Let's consider the scenario that we would like to establish a One to One relationship between
Accounts and Contacts..

Step 1:

Create a custom field on the Contact object. Make the field unique.
This field would be used to hold the ID of the associated Account.

Step 2:

Create a Workflow rule on Contact. Update the custom field with the value of the associated Account ID.

Done!! you have established a one to one relationship between Account and Contacts...

When you try to add a second contact to the Account, the "unique" constraint would be 
violated and an error would be thrown.....

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