Friday, December 16, 2022

Embedded Messaging with host domain value cannot be hosted on domain Error In Salesforce


These types of errors mostly pops up when your working any kind of the Messaging Systems/Live Agent Chat or Messaging In App and Web chat features in salesforce.

In my case this error is on "Messaging In App and Web" chat configuration.

When your configuring the this Messaging In App and Web we need to create a Embedded Service Deployment to deploy this chat button in on your company/local websites.


If we look at "Embedded Service Deployment" configuration it will have bunch of the key properties we need to setup like

  • Embedded Service Deployment Name
  • Site Endpoint
  • Domain
  • Messaging Channel
But now we will discuss more about the Domain property details and it's behavior.

Domain: This domain is the main key reason for this issue. Ideally here we need to add the domain name of your company/website where your going add this chat button on web. So, this code can be hosted on this server without any error.

So if here you have entered domain as ""  in your configuration ideally this code snippet you need add on this site only else you will receive the same error.

In my case I have added my domain name as my company domain address like, etc and when I'm try to add this code snippet on my website domain "" I'm getting the same error.

Deployment Setup Screen:

Error On Website:

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