Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Push Topics In Salesforce

We might have heard about the Push topics, If not these are mainly used for generating the events basis on some criteria defined on the SOQL and all these events will be consumed by the all the subscribers of the topic.

Let's assume if you have created some functionality using the Push topics either on VisualForce or in #lightningwebcomponents. It's Working as expected whenever there is change in specified object record etc..

We have refreshed the sandbox from the production and the same functionality is not working in sandbox 🤔. Interesting what is missing here regarding #pushtopics.

The point to be noted here is when we created any #pushtopics either on production or sandbox salesforce by defaults creates an entry in #pushtopic table as a record data not like metadata.

So, obviously when we refreshed the sandbox the records/data will not be created in sandbox from production only metadata will be copied from the production.

If you need these #pushtopic you need to create it again in sandbox manually.

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