Sunday, May 29, 2022

Aura:if isTrue issue in salesforce

If you're facing an issue with Aura:if isTrue while using the And Clause or OR clause we need to know the below points.

According to salesforce documentation And/Or clause only supports two arguments for evaluation.

If you're using more than 2 arguments in And/Or clause by default Salesforce ignores it.

<Aura:if IsTrue ="Or(expression 1,expression 2)">   - - This is valid.

<Aura:if IsTrue ="Or(expression 1,expression 2, expression 3)"> - - This will not work as expected because Salesforce ignores the expression 3 for evaluation. 

Workaround :

If you need to solve this problem simply convert them into simple multiple chain expressions. 

Aura:if IsTrue ="Or(expression 1,expression 2) || expression 3)"> 

Aura:if IsTrue ="Or(expression 1,expression 2) || Or(expression 3, expression 4)"> 

Hope this helps you..Enjoy..!

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