Thursday, February 27, 2020

How To Update SFDX CLI to Latest Version in LWC

If you want to know the latest version of your sfdx cli and you want to update to latest version please follow the below steps.

On Window Machines:

To Check The Current Version:

 Goto Start and type cmd to open the command prompt .Then type command called sfdx press enter.

  • If it's already in latest version below screen will be displayed
  • If it's not up to date then you will receive an warning as shown below.Suggesting to update to the latest version. In my case current version is 7.13.0 and latest version is 7.37.1.

How To Update To Latest Version:
  • Open command promt
  • Type command sfdx update and enter
  • If you receive any warning then use command npm update --global sfdx-cli

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Hope this helps you..Enjoy..!

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