Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Search Anything in One Page

Search Anything in One Page 

      Now you can search Classes,VF pages,Triggers,Fields,Layout etc in a single click and edit or open in one click.

Steps To Install:

1.Open the Url http://lnkd.in/av8T8B

2.Click on continue


3.Click on Next and Next.

Step 1.Approve package API Access

Step 2.Choose Security Level


Step 3.Install Package


4. Goto the App menu select the Search Anything app.

5.Click on SearchAnything Tab and select any one option to search.

6.It will generate an error message with server address.Copy that address  i.e.,https://z-search.ap1.visual.force.com/services/Soap/m/26.0

7.Admin setup -->Security-->Remotesite Settings-->NewRemote Site address

     RemoteSiteAName            : Your Choice.
     Remote Site URL              :  Url of 6 th Step.
     Disable Protocol Security  :  Check the checkbox.

8. Save the Settings.

9. Click on SearchAnyThing Tab and search for your choice.

                               ENJOY WITH SALESFORCE  


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