Interview Questions

Basic Questions:

1) What is meant by cloud?

2) What is cloud-computing?

3) What is CRM?

4) What is CRM Life cycle?

5) What is meant by M-V-C Architecture?

6) What are the services offed by cloud?

7) What are the different Cloud Technologies?

8) What do you understand with SAAS?

Configuration/Administrator Questions:

1) What is Salesforce?tenant architecture?

2) What are the different Clouds in Salesforce?

3) What is Multi tenant architecture?

4) What are different types Editions in

5) Can you compare Salesforce CRM with other CRM’S?

6) Advantages and Disadvantages of Salesforce CRM?

7) What do you know about Sales cloud & Service cloud?

8) What is diff between and

9) What are the default applications providing by Salesforce?

10) Can you define application and object in Salesforce?

11) What do you know about standard behavior & custom behavior of Salesforce?

12) What is a relational ship?

13) What are the different types of relational ships in Salesforce?

14) How to allow null value insertion in dataloader?

15) What is difference between Delete and Hard Delete in dataloader?

16) What is difference between Export and Export All in dataloader?

17) What will happens to Junction Object If I delete Primary Object?

18) What will happen to Junction Record If I delete any one M-D record?

19) How you will create One-to-One relationship in Salesforce?

20) What is diff  between look up & master detail relation ships?

21) What is roll-up summary?

22) In which relationship, the role-up summary is available?

23) What are the operations performed by roll-up summary on a particular field of a object?

24) List out any Standard objects that you knows?

25) How data is stored in sales force?

26) What is a tab and how many types of tabs in salesforce?

27) Tell me about field dependency with example ?

28) What is a PICKLIST and how many types of PICKLISTS are there in Salesforce?

29) What are the field types?

30) What is the hierarchical relationship?

31) What is a junction object and where do you create this?

32) What is validation rule and  page layouts?

33) What are the record types?

34) Can you describe about web-to-lead?

35) What are the various mechanisms to import the data into salesforce?

36) Difference between import wizard & apex data loader ?

37) What are the operations performed by import wizard & data loader?

38) What is data loader present version?

39) What is a report & dashboard in salesforce?

40) What are the different types of reports available in salesforce?

41) What are the components in dash boards?

42) What is a workflow? tell me about workflow evaluation criteria?

43) What are the actions we can perform with the workflow?

44) What are types of workflows?

45) What is approval process?What are the operations we perform with approval process?

46) What is difference between workflow and approval process?

47) What are the standard profiles in salesforce?

48) What is a role and profile ?

49) What is difference between role and profile?

50) What is a field level security?

51) What are the various levels of security in salesforce?

52) How we can provide all these security to a user?

53) What is OWD?

54) What is difference between OWD and Sharing rules?

55) What is sharing rule?

56) What are the permissions in sharing rules?

57) What is Process Builder in salesforce?

58) What is difference between Workflows and Process Builder?

59) What is meant by Flows in salesforce?

60) How many we can invoke Flows in salesforce?

61) How to call Flow from Process Builder?

62) How to invoke Flow form an APEX code?

63) How you will setup Email-to-Case?

64) What is meant by Web-to-Case?

65) Will the Flow supports bulkification mechanism?

66) What is meant by view ?How you will create it in Salesforce?

67) What is mean by Junction Object?

68) How the Junction Object permissions are controlled?

69) What is bucket field in Salesforce?

70) What is difference between import wizard and Data loader?

Development/Customization Questions:

  I will update these questions very soon .Please follow the site regularly for more updates.Please join this site to get more update daily.



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